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Over 6 million Americans, 90% of them women in the prime of their life, suffer from FMS and sometimes struggle for years before being correctly diagnosed.

Symptoms usually appear between 20-55 years of age, but children are also diagnosed with
fibromyalgia syndrome.

Pain and severe fatigue may keep FMS sufferers from their chosen profession and unable to perform
common daily tasks.

Fibromyalgia pain continues throughout a person’s lifetime.


Fibromyalgia (fi-bro-my-AL-ja) syndrome (FMS) produces chronic body-wide pain, which migrates and can be felt from head to toe. Other symptoms include persistent fatigue, headaches, cognitive or memory impairment, morning stiffness and non-restorative sleep. The pain can migrate from day to day. Recent scientific research studies have shown central nervous system involvement in FMS.

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